2015-02-03 10:00

Herringbone, basket-weave or Dutch pattern? Strictly geometrical, classical or unique playful patterns in a modern scale and format? With Kährs new Bloc Collection, there are endless possibilities to create exciting and beautiful patterned floors.

The Bloc Collection is based on three modular formats in three different nuances – misty white, light grey and natural oak, all with a clean grade. The floor boards are lightly brushed, changing the direction of the boards will create an exciting and dynamic visual effect, bringing the surface to life. The floors are treated with oil which gives a natural bare wood feeling.

The boards are 300 mm wide and 300, 600 or 900 mm long. The compatible widths and lengths make it possible for endless variations of pattern laying. Mixing different colours and formats in the same floor will create another dramatic visual effect and a playful unique pattern. The tight micro-bevelled seams and the smart modular formats ensure a smooth transition from one bloc pattern to another.

Each floor board features a groove on all four sides, with the help of a loose tongue, placed on any side of the floor board during installation, the result will be a perfectly tight floor without any gaps.

Kährs Bloc Collection has a 30-year guarantee.