From the darkest forests

The historical roots of Småland can be found in its mythical forests. Few dared to enter into their dark, mysterious wilderness – and even fewer dared to challenge the thirteen chieftains who held them in their power. Smaland – their collective Swedish name that dates back to the 12th century – means small countries. Småland has also been the “home” of Kährs since 1857, when the company was established here – close to the vast woodlands! The wild beauty of this area is the inspiration for our new collection of unique, rustic floors. Floors made in Småland, Sweden!

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The wild and beautiful nature of Småland has inspired our new collection of unique and rustic floors. Småland includes ten unique one strip oak floors, in colours ranging from light to dark. From misty white and nuances of frost to warm, golden tones from honey and amber to dark nuances of charcoal and tobacco. Each plank has been individually treated to enhance their natural beauty with knots, grains and cracks. The result is a dynamic surface that changes looks depending on the lighting of the room and from which angle it is seen.

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