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Edge mouldings are useful when your floor meets an immovable object such as a door casing, requiring coverage and expansion space.


Installation Comes with track system for easy installation.
38x13 mm


Article number Package Wood species Surface treatment Surface colour
7030024EK10 24 m/10 pcs Oak Matt lacquer
7030024BJ50 24 m/10 pcs Birch Silk matt lacquer
7030024EK5V 24 m/10 pcs Oak Matt lacquer white
7030024AK50 24 m/10 pcs Ash Silk matt lacquer
7030024CH10 24 m/10 pcs Cherry Matt lacquer
7030024AP50 24 m/10 pcs Hard maple Silk matt lacquer
7030024EK50 24 m/10 pcs Oak Silk matt lacquer
7030024VA50 24 m/10 pcs Walnut Silk matt lacquer
7030024BK50 24 m/10 pcs Beech Silk matt lacquer
7030024AK1V 24 m/10 pcs Ash Matt lacquer white
7030024AP10 24 m/10 pcs Hard maple Matt lacquer
7030024CH50 24 m/10 pcs Cherry Silk matt lacquer