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2016-08-01 09:00

“Götarna”, an ancient tribe said to have co-founded Sweden, named a kingdom of wild forests and glittering lakes covering the southern part of the country. Now their domain Götaland has inspired Kährs to a new, innovative collection of vintage oak floors.

Götaland includes five 3-strip oak floors in colours ranging from light to dark, with individually treated planks to create a unique look. They also create a perfect extension to the exclusive 1-strip Småland collection.

The success of the 1-strip Småland collection of rustic vintage oak floors inspired Kährs to take a new turn on the concept. The result is the Götaland 3-strip collection, equal to Småland in beauty but with a slightly different and livelier expression. The floors of the two collections have been created to offer perfect options for mixing and matching; e.g. a Småland floor for the living room and its Götaland counterpart for the bedroom.

Geographically, the province Småland is part of the Götaland region and both collections can be seen as tributes to the location where Kährs started to work with wood almost 160 years ago – and still is based with its head office and production plant in Nybro.

Götaland includes five floors with names borrowed from places in the region reflecting its great variety of scenery and evoking the special atmosphere of each destination. The sandy beaches of Kilesand, for example, has lent inspiration to a floury, white floor, while the magical feeling of entering into the deep and protected forest of Attebo has been turned into a dark and warm floor.

Focus has been on creating a dynamic, tactile and flowing surface through individually treating each plank with scraping and brushing. Randomly scattered saw marks combined with bevels that frame each board creates an effect that starts to blur the line between 3-strip and 1-strip designs.

The surface of each board is treated with several layers of oil, which sinks deep into the wood and enhances its variations. The result is a durable, lively and rich floor with natural lustre and feeling.