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2015-01-04 10:00

We are proud to launch our new Småland Collection, which includes twelve unique one strip oak floors, in colours ranging from misty whites to rich darkness. Each plank has been individually treated to enhance their natural beauty with knots, grains and cracks.

The collection includes some of the most rustic floors in Kährs range, and is produced with the latest technology in our factory in Nybro in the province Småland, southern Sweden. From selecting the oaks, to treating the planks with various refining techniques, we have put great passion and precision in every stage of the process.

The unique feeling

We select the oaks with most character in order to create the right feeling. Each plank is individually treated, based on its unique composition of knots, graining and cracks. The result is a dynamic surface that changes looks depending on the lighting of the room and from which angle it is seen. The soft waves and variations of the surface can be sensed when you walk on it, softly caressing your feet.

Made in Småland, Sweden

The rugged scenery, dark mountains, glittering lakes and challenging weather conditions of Småland nurtured a strong sense of freedom, pride and independence among its people. These characteristics have survived throughout centuries and nurtured generations of entrepreneurs. Inspired by their surroundings they have created furniture and glassware that have reached world fame.

It was also here that Kährs started to work with wood more than 150 years ago. It's in this strong tradition that we have found inspiration for our new collection.