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Kährs floors offer a variety of installation methods. This is, however, dependent on the joint construction. The Woodloc® joint locks the boards together mechanically, with virtually invisible joints. The superior fit also enhances the floor’s performance and durability.

Instructions on installing Kährs flooring

Installation Guide - Woodloc® 5S
Advice for installing Woodloc® 5S
Installation Guide - Woodloc®
Installation Guide - Chevron Collection
Installation Guide - Tongue & Groove glue down
Installation instructions - two layer
Installation instructions - Activity Floor-Woodloc® 5S
Subfloor Requirements & Underfloor Heating


Product Joint system Floating Glue-down Nail-down
Kährs Master 9-11 mm Tongue & Groove No Yes No
Kährs ID 15 mm Tongue & Groove No Yes No
Kährs Supreme 20 mm Tongue & Groove Yes Yes Yes
Kährs Supreme 15 mm Woodloc® 5S Yes Yes Yes
Kährs Supreme 15 mm  Woodloc®  Yes Yes Yes
Kährs Original 15 mm Woodloc® 5S Yes Yes Yes
Kährs Original 15 mm Woodloc® Yes Yes Yes
Kährs Spirit 10 mm Woodloc®  Yes Yes No
Kährs Linnea 7 mm Woodloc® Yes Yes No
Kährs Contract 15 mm Woodloc® 5S Yes Yes Yes
Kährs Activity Floor 30 mm Woodloc® 5S Yes No No



Wall design with wood flooring

Wood offers a wide variety of design. Wall design with Kährs wood flooring as wall panels is an interesting addition that enhances the natural feeling in a room. Thus, a completely stylish ambiance is created with a high comfort factor. We have created assembly instructions for how to install Kährs Original 15 mm wood flooring on walls

Kährs Wall panel Assembly instructions - 15 mm

You can download Adobe Reader if you do not have it installed.


Instruction films

Below you can find our instruction films for tips and advice when installing floors with Woodloc® 5S joint.