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Find answers to your questions about Kährs hardwood floors, installation, maintenance, repairs and more.

Are Kährs floors suitable for underfloor heating?

Yes, all of our wood floors are suitable for underfloor heating, providing user & installer follows our underfloor heating guide.


What is the difference between finished and oiled products?

A finished floor has a surface thicker than oil that acts as a barrier between the natural wood surface and foot traffic. The end result is a strong and smooth surface. An oiled floor has a thin liquid that is fine enough to penetrate the wood surface to provide surface and core protection but leaves the natural texture of the wood surface exposed.


Do Kährs products have matching finishing profiles?

We offer a wide range of matching accessories for most of our floors, please check the accessories types avaliable here.


What products do I need to repair or maintain my floor?

Kährs offers a wide range of maintenance & repair products. We offer a maintenance and repair guide, which will help you assess the type of treatment that your floor requires - with recommendation of applicable products & maintenance or repair methods.


Do I need to acclimatise the product prior to installation?

Due to the manufacturing method of Kährs engineered products, the wood floors experience minimal expansion & contraction movement. Therefore Kährs engineered wood floors do not require acclimatisation prior to installation.

Which underlay do I need to use with a Kährs floor?

Kährs recommends floating installations on all of our wood floors, Kährs Tuplex covers all the underlay requirements for this type of intallation and is suitable for underfloor heating. Fully bonded floors would require a paint on damp proof membrane.


How do I install a Woodloc® 5S floor?

Kährs provides installation guidance in a form of a PDF manual and video tutorials which are available in our technical section. Find out more in our Woodloc® 5S installation guide.


What environmental certifications do Kährs have for their products?

Rest assured that all Kährs products are safe for you and the environment we share. Find out more and get specific certification information regarding our green mindset by following the link.


Is it possible to request a product sample?

Yes, we offer architects and designers up to three samples of flooring. You can find our floors easily in our Floor guide in the Products section. Choose a floor and click on the "Order sample"-button. When you have finalized your selection of samples, please complete the sample request with your contact and project information.

Do you have references of completed projects?

On our Reference-page you’ll find a number of inspirational references in a multitude of designs and styles, in different application areas, from all around the world.


Is it possible to glue down products with Woodloc® joints?

Absolutely! All Kährs floors can be glued down. Please read more in our installation instructions.


What is the commercial warranty?

Kährs offers a 5-year limited warranty for installations in commercial settings.