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Kährs offers a selection of different gradings, each with a unique character. Grading depends on which part of the log is used when producing individual boards.

Calm (City)

These floors are produced from our cleanest boards; i.e. from planks with a uniform appearance with small variations in grain, may contain small knots.

Variation (Town)

The floors with this grading are characterized by subtle variations in colour, tone and pattern, may contain small knots.

Lively (Country)

The Lively floors feature dramatic graining, gnarls and knots. They boast greater colour variations and have a more lively, rustic character.


These floors are made from boards with knots and cracks that give them a both lively and dramatic, yet warm character. They feature a variety of colour tones.


If you want your floor to make a really strong impression, choose an Expressive floor. These are made from boards with dramatic cracks and powerful knots and with a wide variety of colour tones.