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Veneered skirtings add the final touch to your Kährs floor. Available in veneers of many differing wood species, these profiles offer design and style at affordable prices. Works for all thicknesses of Kährs floors.


Installation Clips make installation easy and give perfect results when installing veneered skirtings. Available for sale in 30 clips per package.
Length 2400
19x40 mm


Article number Wood species Surface treatment Surface colour
70244024EK1L Oak Matt lacquer Paris
70244024EKAN Oak Matt lacquer Antium
70244024EKRI Oak Matt lacquer Rich
70244024EKBL Oak Matt lacquer Blonde
70244024EKGA Oak Matt lacquer Gray
70244024EKTW Oak Matt lacquer Tawny
70244024EK5X Oak Silk lacquer Deep Red
70244024EKXV Oak Matt lacquer Gustaf/Oyster
70244024VI50 Pine Silk lacquer White
70244024EKPI Oak Matt lacquer Ulf
70244024CH50 Cherry Silk lacquer
70244024EKOL Oak Matt lacquer Aspeland/Vista/Olof
70244024EK5B Oak Oil Nouveau Dun/Kernel/Moss/Kernel
70244024EK10 Oak Matt lacquer
70244024EKDA Oak Matt lacquer Danaborg
70244024AK50 Ash Silk lacquer
70244024AK10 Ash Matt lacquer
70244024EKA8 Beech High gloss lacquer Baccarat
70244024EKFC Oak Matt lacquer Earth
70244024EKFG Oak Oil Handbörd/Nouveau Greige/Granite/Stone
70244024EEKF0 Oak Oil Smoke
70244024EKXH Oak Matt lacquer Kinda/Möre
70244024REK09 Oak Matt lacquer Smoke/Trollaborg/Fredrik
70244024JH50 Hard maple Silk lacquer Jarrah-stained
70244024EKST Oak Matt lacquer Sture/Berlin
70244024EK5C Oak Matt lacquer Cognac
70244024EKY8 Oak High gloss lacquer Retro
70244024EK5R Oak Matt lacquer Mocha
70244024EKD8 Oak High gloss lacquer Fumoir
70244024EK5V Oak Matt lacquer White
70244024EKFM Oak Matt lacquer Manor
70248024WM50 Pine Matt lacquer White
70244024EKA0 Oak Matt lacquer Nouveau Charcoal/Castle
70244024EK0W Oak Matt lacquer Snow
70244024BK50 Beech Silk lacquer
70244024BJ50 Birch Silk lacquer
70244024EKG8 Oak High gloss lacquer Tabac
70244024EKFS Oak Matt lacquer Tan
70244024EK5G Oak Matt lacquer Bronze
70244024ER50 Red Oak Silk lacquer
70244024EK50 Oak Silk lacquer
70244024VA50 Walnut Silk lacquer
70244024EKGR Oak Matt lacquer Grey
70244024EKXF Oak Matt lacquer Grey
70244024EKP8 Oak High gloss lacquer Pearl
70244024EKXB Oak Matt lacquer Slate
70244024EK5Y Oak Silk lacquer Brown
70244024EL50 European maple Silk lacquer
70244024AP50 Hard maple Silk lacquer
70244024EKS8 Oak High gloss lacquer Black Silver
70244024EK0D Oak Matt lacquer Arctic
70244024EKXC Oak Matt lacquer Marrone
70244024WM50 Pine Matt lacquer White
70244024AK1V Ash Matt lacquer White
70244024EKC8 Oak High gloss lacquer Black Copper
70244024EK5E Oak Matt lacquer Black
70244024EKFE Oak Oil Tveta/Tjust/Nouveau Tar/Bean/Soil
70244024EKBR Oak Matt lacquer White
70244024EKFV Oak Silk lacquer Palazzo Bianco/Cirrus/Dew
70244024JO50 Beech Silk lacquer Jatoba-stained
70244024EKW8 Beech High gloss lacquer Opaque
70244024EK1C Oak Matt lacquer Cliff
70244024EKXM Oak Matt lacquer Maison
70244024EKFJ Oak Matt lacquer Espace